Chemtrails (og geoengineering) er en forbrytelse mot menneskeheten – Del 3

Bill Gates og Ken Caldeira – to av mange som bryter med internasjonale konvensjoner for å leke Gud

Dette er tredje innlegg som viser solid dokumentasjon på at værmanipulasjon/geoengineering er er et forskningsområde som blir stadig mer populært til tross for at det er forbudt gjennom internasjonale konvensjoner både i krigs- og fredstid. Her er noen patenter.

Title Water alteration structure applications and methods
United States Patent Application 20090173386

A method is generally described which includes environmental alteration. The method includes determining a placement of at least one vessel capable of moving water to lower depths in the water via wave induced downwelling. The method also includes placing the at least one vessel in the determined placement. Further, the method includes generating movement of the water adjacent the surface of the water in response to the placing.

Bowers, Jeffrey A. (Kirkland, WA, US)
Caldeira, Kenneth G. (Campbell, CA, US)
Chan, Alistair K. (Stillwater, MN, US)
Gates III, William H. (Redmond, WA, US)
Hyde, Roderick A. (Redmond, WA, US)
Ishikawa, Muriel Y. (Livermore, CA, US)
Kare, Jordin T. (Seattle, WA, US)
Latham, John (Boulder, CO, US)
Myhrvold, Nathan P. (Medina, WA, US)
Salter, Stephen H. (Edinburgh, GB)
Tegreene, Clarence T. (Bellevue, WA, US)
Wattenburg, Williard H. (Walnut Creek, CA, US)
Wood Jr., Lowell L. (Bellevue, WA, US)

Foruten at dette er straffbart, har jeg lyst til å rette søkelyset mot en sak på WUWT før jeg går videre med patentsøknader og samarbeidet mellom forskere, DHS (Dep. Homeland Security) og NOAA.

Wattsupwiththat – Shocker – Ken Caldeira resigns as IPCC AR5 lead author

WUWT Caldeira

Ikke et eneste sted står noe om at Ken Caldeira har jobbet med vær- og klimamanipulasjon samtidig som han var hovedforfatter i FNs klimapanel IPCC. Ikke et ord om innhabiliteten dette innebærer. Caldeira trakk seg i 2011. Patentet er datert 2008.
Bill Gates bedriver ingeniørarbeide både på klima og mennesker. Dobbeleugenist.
Her er flere patenter der Caldeira og Gates står som oppfinnere:

January 3, 2008 • US Patent Application 20090173404 • Water alteration structure and system

January 3, 2008 • US Patent Application 20090175685 • Water alteration structure movement method and system

January 3, 2008 • US Patent Application 20090177569 • Water alteration structure risk management or ecological alteration management systems and methods

January 30, 2008 • US Patent Application 20090173801 • Water alteration structure and system having below surface valves or wave reflectors

May 29, 2009 • US Patent Application 20100300560 • Water alteration structure and system having heat transfer conduit

May 29, 2009 • United States Patent 8348550 • Water alteration structure and system having heat transfer conduit

Atmospheric heating as a research tool – Weather Modification Assosiation

Her er litt mer om de dystre realitetene bak HAARP-prosjektet via en film fra Youtube. Ikke bry dere om lydkluss de første sekundene. Lyden er bra, og det er Bernard Eastlund, forskeren bak et av prosjektene som forteller om planene.

Her har dere H.A.A.R.P, noe blant annet NASA- og myndighetstro atmosfæreforsker Roy Spencer har forsøkt latterliggjøre, og bruke tid på å skjule sannheten om. Dette er anlegg som USA eier flere steder, blant annet i Norge. For å lære mer om hva som ikke skjer ved hjelp av denne ionosfærevarmeren, kan dere ringe Terje Wahl, eks. Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt, nå Norsk Romsenter.

Her er litt om Bernhard Eastlund:

Bernard J. Eastlund (1938 – December 12, 2007) was a physicist who received his B.S. in physics from MIT and a his Ph.D. in physics from Columbia University. In 1970 he received a Special Achievement Certificate from the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission for co-invention of the «fusion torch.»

Eastlund authored three patents (US Patents #4,686,605, #4,712,155, and #5,038,664) that, it is claimed, led to the development of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).

He was the founder of Eastlund Scientific Enterprises Corporation (ESEC), a small company in Houston, Texas that provided scientific, engineering and technical services.

His hobby was astrophysics. His later work included co-authoring two papers in the Astrophysical Journal regarding pulsars, and he also presented a paper on Gamma Bursters.

Bernard Eastlund died December 12, 2007. In his final days he continued to explore research in advanced physics topics and applications, even holding meetings at his hospital bedside.

Her er tre av hans H.A.A.R.P-patenter:,686,605.PN.&OS=PN/4,686,605&RS=PN/4,686,605

Department of Homeland Security og NOAA – Hurricane Modification Workshop 2008

Tittelsaken er en ting. Hva AMS (American Meteorological Society) gjorde i 2008 en annen. Jeg begynner med sistnevnte, og dette er direkte relatert til foredraget i youtubefilmen over.

Session 2
New Unconventional Concepts and Legal Ramifications
Chair: Joe Golden, Univ. of Colorado/CIRES/NOAA/GSD, Boulder, CO
10:30 AM 2.1
Atmospheric heating as a research tool

Lyle M. Jenkins, Eastlund Scientific Enterprises Corporation, Houston, TX; and B. J. Eastlund

Figure 1 Schematic Drawing of Artificial Atmospheric Plasma
Production System

Figure 2. Plasma pattern inserted in mesocyclone.

Figure 5-TSPS in action

The ultimate goal of the weather research is to enable development of dual use Space-Based Solar Power with its application to weather modification. A key element in the concept is wireless power transmission [Ref. 2]. The International Space Station(ISS) is a potential platform for demonstrating power beaming.

An initial test could be a transmitting antenna on the Earth’s surface with the receiving rectenna on the ISS. A large phased array about 2280 meters in diameter could transmit 10kw of radiated power at 35 Ghz. The flat rectenna on ISS could be 4m in diameter and expected to collect 5kw power.

The microwave frequency was selected to take advantage of a dip in the atmospheric absorption and to minimize the flight hardware. The next level of demonstration of wireless power transfer is to transmit from ISS to the Earth’s surface. The ISS installation would include an energy storage module weighing 10,000 Kg. It could be powered from outlets built into the space station for experimentation. The antenna is a 40x60m crossed beam. The system is transmitting up to 100Kw in 1 minute bursts. The 152 m rectenna can receive the bursts converting about 50Kw. This is intensity within the 5 mw/cm2 safety standard.

The 35 Ghz planned for this demonstration is higher frequency than the communications and control bands on the ISS. Antenna and rectenna sizing is based on the following formula:


Session 2C


Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program (HAMP)

The Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program (HAMP): A HAMP Contribution
Joe Golden, Golden Research & Consulting, Boulder, CO; and W. L. Woodley

The Department of Homeland Security asked NOAA/ESRL in Boulder
to organize a workshop on possible new scientific theory and approaches to hurricane modification in February, 2008. Nearly two dozen scientists from around the world attended and there were a number of hypotheses and new ideas presented. We shall summarize the workshop results here and the development of the new DHS-funded HAMP Program that arose from the Workshop. HAMP is only the first Phase in a planned three-phase program. There will be no actual seeding trials unless one or more of the modification hypotheses is confirmed in Phase 1, through an interactive program of high-resolution coupled models and new aircraft observations. HAMP will focus on the effects of aerosols on cloud microphysics within the hurricane and on the effects of aerosols on hurricane structure and behavior, especially changes in hurricane intensity. This will be done through observations of aerosols and resulting cloud microphysical structure within the hurricane and simulating their effects using high-resolution, coupled, ocean-atmosphere models that treat cloud microphysical processes explicitly and incorporate the effects of sea spray.

If HAMP is successful and can provide the community with the data, forecasting should take a giant leap ahead. With this in mind, the thrust of the HAMP program was modified to focus first on understanding cloud and hurricane microphysical structure prior to undertaking any examination of hurricane modification. NOAA has been kept appraised with this process to ensure the work remains complementary to and supportive of their efforts with HFIP and is not duplicative of that work. The PI’s in HAMP include the authors and colleagues Drs. Daniel Rosenfeld and Alexander Khain of Hebrew University, Dr. William Cotton of Colorado State and Dr. Isaac Ginis of the University of Rhode Island and their students.

HAMP has 3 overarching objectives. The first one is to establish a strong theoretical foundation to determine the effects on cloud microphysical processes of utilizing pollution-sized hygroscopic aerosol seeding and/or black carbon seeding. A second objective is to determine the effects of aerosols on hurricane intensity. Recently-published research suggests that seeding hurricanes with small (pollution-sized) hygroscopic aerosol concentrations can lead to significant reductions in hurricane intensity (Rosenfeld et al., 2007; Cotton et al., 2007). A third objective is to specify quantitatively the effects of carbon black seeding within the storm circulation. This will involve broadcast seeding of black carbon aerosol either in the boundary layer on the storm periphery or alternatively over the anvil tops of the hurricane. Both hypotheses are viable, physically plausible scenarios but neither has been explored quantitatively. Later phases of HAMP may examine the effects of artificially-induced ocean cooling in advance of hurricanes on their possible weakening.

HAMP will capitalize on the contributions of various researchers providing independent yet collaborative research. The ultimate goal is to test quantitatively mitigation hypothesis by means of rigorous numerical simulation, supported by the necessary observations.

We shall also briefly summarize HAMP Program status, including some exciting new microphysical observations acquired during a field campaign in India this past summer.


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