Rabiate predatorer på toppene er i ferd med å bli avslørt

Foto: Veterans Today

Dette er et forferdelig stoff, og det har fått holde på så alt for lenge. Heldigvis ser det ut til at disse samfunnstoppene innen det økonomiske, politiske og royale oligarkiet er i ferd med å bli avslørt.

For de som ikke har fått med seg om disse forbrytelsene, kanskje med unntak det som sto i blant annet Dagbladet om prins Andrew i dagene før “terroren” i Paris, er denne ferske saken hos Veterans Today en helt grei innføring. Jeg siterer kun ørlite, så klikk for all del linken og les resten (eller alt) der.

By Jaochim Hagopian for Veterans Today

As the West charges full speed ahead towards World War III with its incendiary epicenter Ukraine, simultaneous headlines are breaking with pedophilia sex scandals implicating the highest levels of elite power and privilege involving both US presidents and the British royal family. There now exists incontrovertible evidence confirming that members of the world’s most powerful and wealthy ruling class have for decades been regularly engaging in predatory violent and sexual acts involving the most brutal and perverse crimes including ritualistic torture underage children and even murder.

Foto: Veterans Today
Foto: Veterans Today

Yet apparently these most heinous crimes against the most powerless and defenseless in our society – thousands of child victims – have been preyed upon for many years with complete impunity, systematically covered up at the highest levels by the American and British governments. Yet these sophisticated child sex trafficking syndicates have never been exposed as they are now. Unfolding shocking developments on both sides of the Atlantic have finally been exposing pedophile scandals not only committed in the US and UK but apparently all around the world including Portugal, Chile, Mexico and Belgium.

While these sex scandals unravel in the West, it’s important to understand their geopolitical context. At the same time as these criminal shockwaves are politically rocking the global elite, they are accompanied by unprecedented frenzied activity at the highest echelons of global finance involving dozens of murders and suicides of high profile figures within the central banking cabal, an incredible amount of covert movement of gold and silver, spiraling rock bottom oil prices on the impending eve of the US dollar and petrodollar collapse dumping it as the standard international reserve currency.

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